Minimize Hassle If Traveling In Bad Weather

I planned to visit New York during this week's Northeastern Snowstorm. Unfortunately, American Airlines cancelled all but a few flights from Chicago O'hare to LaGuardia for the entire day, so I had to rebook myself on an airline that did not panic as much as AA 😦     During rebooking I had a few... Continue Reading →


Flight Booking 201: Save Money By…. Being Somewhere Else

Airlines set different prices/inventory on an identical flight depending on the point-of-sale. By setting to a different locale of the airline website, you might find cheaper fares (yeah, you don't really need to be physically located in another country, despite the title). Here is a perfect example that I just encountered. Today I was looking... Continue Reading →

Flight Booking 101: Basic Tips

Planning trips and booking flights should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience, just like traveling itself. In reality they could be quite annoying at times. Here I’d like to share three simple tips, based on my years of personal experience in flight booking. I hope they will help make your flight booking process a breeze.... Continue Reading →

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