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About Jacky:
Greetings from Jacky! I love flying and enjoying varieties of food, wine, and service offered by different airlines. For me, every flight I take is not merely a means to an end but an experience that excites and educates me (even when delay and cancellation happen, which convert to learning opportunities about airline operations). I oftentimes go out of my way to pick a particular airline or aircraft. My dream flight is the soon-to-be-resumed longest commercial flight: Singapore – New York. By leveraging points and miles, I feel lucky and grateful to be able to pursue this hobby that is otherwise financially unfeasible.

I also pursue photography during my travels, and do plane-spotting when I am in town. I invite you to check out and share my photography site and Instagram.

There have been numerous excellent travel blogs on the internet, many of which I consult every day. Here you will read about tips that I have learned and used personally, as well as my thoughts and philosophy on air travel and other aspects of traveling. I hope travelers with all experience levels can get something out of this blog.

Please do not hesitate to inquire, discuss, debate, or just say hi, here, or under any post.





Flights I have taken:


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